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meet_our_pastorPastor Emma Tochi Dimkpa 

is the senior pastor of the Evangelical Church Of The Lamb Ministries Manchester. Through Pastor Emma's unique type of massages many have been saved, healed in the most wonderful name of Jesus Christ. Happily married with three wonderful boys.
Pastor  Emma Tochi Dimkpa is available to minister to local churches and house groups throughout United Kingdom and overseas. As a full time minister I am devoted to training pastors and leaders, identifying and raising up those with five-fold ministry gifts.

Contact us today and experience God’s transforming Power in your life and church ministry.

Feel free to contact pastor EmmaTochi Dimkpa at anytime on  0161-4788863 or 0044 - 07455818161 for  counselling and for prayer. 

JOSEPH STEWART, WHO IS 7 YEARS OLD, SAYS:                                            I like my pastor because when I was sick my mum wanted to call the ambulance. But I told my mum to call Pastor Emma instead, so Pastor Emma came and prayed for me and applied anointing oil on me. I became well and slept very well. In the morning I woke up strong and went to school. This is why I want god to bless Pastor Emma, so that he can pray for sick children, for them to get better like me. I also like Pastor Emma because of the way he sings. God bless you, Pastor Emma!”

JEDI DIMKPA, I AM 10 YEARS OLD, SAYS                                           I like my dad because he keeps calm in difficult situations.  He is a good pastor because, he has got a strong Christian leadership and he preaches with authority.  I want God to help my dad to travel around the world to help other people know Jesus.  I want to be like him.

Nanaafia I am 9 years Old; says                                                   Whenever I see your face, you make it shine, that is how I know you are my pastor.  You are everything to my family and through you my family has been strong in the lord.  May God bless you and your family!

Daniel DimKPA – I am 8 years old; says                                    I like my dad because he is a friendly man, he prays for me and he helps me when I need help.   Dad is a good pastor.  He is honest, he prays well and loves God.  I want God to bless dad and to make him very wise.  I want God to make him continue his preaching.  I want God go help my dad get money so he can travel around the world and help more people to know God.

Favour Nyazika-Nkomo– I am 10 years old, says              I love my pastor he cares about people.  I love my pastor because he preaches the wonderful word of God and he is a good leader.  I love my pastor because he is increasing our knowledge of the word of God.  I declare and decree, let people from all nations be united in this church.  I declare and decree that this church is going to increase financially in Jesus name!  I declare and decree that this church shall grow numerically.  Many prophets, evangelists, teachers and apostles will rise among us in Jesus’ might name.  And everyone who agrees with me will say Amen!!

Faith Nyazika-Nkomo is 8 years old, says                                                     I love my pastor because he is a good leader.  I love him because he loves the church.  I love him because he teaches us the Bible and now we know more about the Bible.  I love pastor because he cares for people and he is always there for us.  So may God continue to bless his family and may God also give strength O Lord!  I pray that this 2014 he will be blessed.  I pray that he will leave testimonies and they will come in chains.  God will increase his ministry.  I pray that God will bless him with long life.  I have declared it and so it shall be in Jesus might name!

Thanks for visiting our site and I also encourage you to take your children to church every Sunday!
Stay blessed for ever,
Jedidiah Miracle Dimkpa. 
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